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Dear Martial Arts School Owner,

Let me tell you my story about my experiences in the martial arts industry.

I grew up in a dojang in Milwaukee, WI and have been doing martial arts for over 30 years (5th Dan Black Belt).

My father, a grandmaster in Tae Kwon Do, had one successful martial arts school, which he grew with integrity and honor. I taught at this school starting at age 12 and have been teaching martial arts every since.

When I left home to attend college at the University of Wisconsin in Madison I thought I wouldn't end up with martial arts as a career but, over the next four years, I came to realize that martial arts is the best career on the planet. So, following graduation, I returned to Milwaukee to help my father run his school.

I had gotten my degree in marketing and communications so I thought I knew what to do for that aspect of running the school. But, boy, was I wrong.

I spent a ton of money on just about EVERY type of marketing -- advertising on radio and TV, running print ads, doing coupon mailers and direct mail, and more. But, the results were hugely disappointing.

By 2002, we had two schools but I was enormously frustrated. If traditional marketing didn't work, how was I going to convince my community that martial arts is the ABSOLUTE BEST THING FOR A KID TO DO!

Then I met two very important people who helped me change the way I operate my schools and have influenced the way I think --- Gary Klugiewicz and Allen Oelschlaeger.

Gary Klugiewicz is a nationally-recognized police trainer who, at the time, was also the Director of Research and Development at the Verbal Judo Institute (he is now runs US operations for the Verbal Judo Institute). Gary taught me how to become a much better teacher and bring real-world training to my schools.

Allen Oelschlaeger had been a corporate executive for almost 20 years, but he left that world in the late 90s to become an entrepreneur and, by the time I had me him, he had started several companies. Al taught me modern business principles and management.

By 2003 I was running my father's school with breakthrough new knowledge, renewed energy and enthusiasm for martial arts, and an ongoing relationship with Gary and Al. And, as a result (and a lot of hard work), my business grew like crazy.

Now, 8 years later, I have 5 locations in Milwaukee and over 1500 students -- and we dominate the martial arts market in this community. Not because of some slick advertising -- but because we provide REAL-WORLD education that the market needs.

And, although I directly run one of my five schools and am actively involved in the management of the other four, I've found the time to do some other cool things -- such as:

  • Helped start the Korean American Martial Arts Association (KAMA)
  • Selected by MTV to be a coach for the MADE TV show
  • Founded the Martial Arts Marketing Network with Al Oelschlaeger - and helped develop the Digital Enrollment Director, Digital Dojo, and Martial Arts Social Media System
  • Completed Tom Callos's Ultimate Black Belt Test
  • Became a certified "Tactical Communications" Instructor via personal training with Dr. George Thompson, the founder of the Verbal Judo Institute
  • Worked with Gary Klugiewicz to develop the Verbal Self Defense - Youth Program and Manage Bullying - Answers For Parents
  • Became a national speaker for the Kukkiwon (Tae Kwon Do's certifying body)
  • Participated in almost every martial arts coaching program in existence
  • Gave talks and workshops at many national martial arts conferences

Through the above activities, I've had the opportunity to help hundreds of school owners grow their schools -- without compromising their integrity (e.g., giving away gaming systems for student referrals, dressing up in a Kung Fu panda suit).

I found great joy and accomplishment in doing this, so I decided to formalize this aspect of what I do.

I put up this website to provide a mechanism by which I could assist traditional martial arts school owners who want effective strategies and tactics for growing their schools without compromising their principles.

There are no theories in anything I share with my clients -- just real-world advice. I am still a school owner and still a martial arts teacher (I still teach at least one class every day) -- so what you get from me is exactly what I'm doing myself here in Milwaukee to grow my schools and dominate the market for martial arts. 

You can learn about my various coaching activities via the links on the left and you can get one of my best written reports by submitting the form on the right.

I hope I'll have the opportunity to help you grow your school.

Committed to your school's growth,

Chan Lee 

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